Patient and Peer Reviews

Client Review-Sandy Ellingson:

"After experiencing pain in my jaw, my dentist referred me to Dr. Scuba to have an infected wisdom tooth removed. I prepared myself mentally for the removal of this one tooth! I am self employed so down time is not an option.  When I arrived for my appointment, Dr. Scuba explained to me his concerns about the other two remaining wisdom teeth. I knew he was right even though I did not want to hear it.  So at 4pm yesterday we removed all three!  It's now the next morning and other than some mild pressure, I am doing great, just taking Advil and so thankful to the team at COMS for their care and expertise. I would highly recommend Dr. Scuba and his team for any of the services that he provides!"  

Sandy Ellingson, September 2014, Columbus, GA.

Client Review: